DSCF0482-technologyCleanTech International makes use of advanced equipment and technology to produce high quality products.

The Company applies an advanced technology known as HD Low Ash, where HD stands for high digestibility and the technology is known for the resulting low ash content. DSCF0484-technologyThe Company enjoys the technical support of ECB, one of its shareholders, which has a reputaion of a leader in abattoir's offal processing and technology.

High level technology is combined with the know-how and experience of CleanTech's technical and operation executives to provide high level continuously maintained quality.

DSCF0497-technologyCleanTech's innovative products meet the nutritional needs of pets, fish and animals. Enzymatic processes are applied for optimal nutritional results and flavors.

CleanTech tightly monitors gas, air and water. The innovative production process is energy efficient and wastewater is treated to comply with environemntal regulations.